Powell Shooting 

They shot this man nine times. Nine fucking times. He stole two cokes, waited for the cops to show and saying “Shoot me. Shoot me now.”

If this isn’t unnecessary force I don’t know WHAT is.

He robbed a store to intentionally get the police to come, pulled a knife, got within dangerous range, dared the cops to shoot him. He was looking to escalate the situation. This looks like a straight up suicide by cop.


Also this was in no way excessive force, the cops responding appropriately to a man with a melee weapon within 21 feet. Check the 21 feet rule here and a Russian self defense demonstration on why anything less than 10ft is lethal distance, even for a prepared defender (such as the cops in this video) 


Seriously though…




Why aren’t guns illegal in America?

Because the police kill people on a regular basis

Because guns are overwhelmingly used more for self defense than for homicide

Because guns are necessary to survival in certain parts of the country

Because being able to defend yourself is a human right

And most of all:

Because Americans have spines and won’t give them up like the weak masses of other countries.

I heard that mic drop LOUD…..